Wednesday, August 19, 2009

time traveler's wife

Last week I went out with some girls to see 500 days of Summer (great movie) and we had a conversation about movies that are coming to the theater. I said I really wanted to see Time Traveler's Wife (I like Rachel McAdams) and they all had a conversation about how great the book was. I was one of only 2 of the 6 of us who had not read it. I came home and decided that maybe I should read it before I saw the movie. I am not really the person that feels like I have to do that, but all the girls said they liked the book and one even said it might be her favorite. So on Thursday (6 days ago) Pete was heading to B & N and I asked him if he would pick it up for me. When he got home I was surprised to find that I had committed myself to a book that is 537 PAGES!!!! Friends that is a long book. I want to be a "reader", but I am really not. Pete even said that if I finished it before it was out of the theater he would take me to see it, then he made jokes about the dollar theater. But instead he will be shelling out the big bucks and looking for a sitter because I DID IT!!! I read it all in just 6 days, I truly can not believe it. I have never read a book and felt so much like I could not put it down, couldn't wait to see what happened and how it happened, certainly have not read 500 pages in a week. It was a great book! and now that I've read it I am anxious to see what the movie will be like. Anybody seen it? Would love to know...and if anybody is looking for a good read I would recommend it, I even have a copy I would be happy to loan you.


Sarah said...

I want to read it! That could be a fun girl weekend activity... if you can wait that long!

Sarabeth said...