Thursday, September 3, 2009

Campbell's 1st day

On Monday Campbell had his last 1st day of MDO. I can not believe that this time next year he will be a kindergartner. It was a little bitter sweet. Bitter because I can't believe my little guy is so big and next year will have to wear a uniform, but sweet because since Wilson started school 2 weeks ago C has been asking me about school 27 times a day-driving me nuts! It is hard to answer time questions to someone who can't tell time.

I do understand that these pictures are very poorly lit, but this guy was so excited that he was extremely annoyed by the fact that I had to slow us down by documenting this moment (notice the fake smiles.)

He even asked me if I could just drop him off. Seriously? I don't even drop Wilson off...maybe when he is in Junior High.

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