Friday, September 11, 2009

Campbell's first game

Now that I am 30 I feel very comfortable saying that time is flying by- it is!!! I felt it tonight because it truly was like yesterday that Wilson had his first soccer game and now it was Campbell's turn.

Campbell is pumped.
He loves being part of the game and seeing his friends.
Tonight we had a quick visit with our friend Drew...he stopped by in the middle of the game...i love these little guys.

Campbell's shorts are very big and make him look like he has no legs. This will be helpful as it starts to get cold outside.

2 of my favorite guys looking on.

Wilson and Mimi were also very excited for our little guy.

This is really "the moment" for Campbell. He has been waiting 2 years to get his chance to run through the tunnel.

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Erica said...

He looks so happy and proud. I love that the whole family came out for his first game.