Thursday, August 19, 2010

back to school

Today, after the fastest summer ever, the boys started school. I am the mom to two elementary students. A second grader and a kindergartner. And i can not believe it. I had a restless night consumed with thoughts of how fast the last 7 1/2 years have gone and how i know that in a blink of the eye i will be having these same feelings about a middle schooler, high schooler..... When I finally got out of bed about 6, sure i could not stay in bed any longer, i saw that our neighbors had been rolled, a NLR tradition where seniors roll the juniors the night before school starts, and was stuck again by how soon that will be us. Do you think the boys will be as entertained by it then? They wanted to ask our neighbors if they could please try to pull it out of their trees.
To the delight of Wilson and Campbell our house got "mini-rolled." I am pretty sure they would have played with that toilet paper all day.
Instead their mean mom made them take pictures and lost in the moment I forgot to change my camera setting and ended up with some very washed out photos.
We were all so excited for our little Kindergartner. And though he put on a very brave face I can tell as I look through these that C has on his nervous smile.
Both boys really had a great day and after some tears shed I had a fine day too.

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quizshowbob said...

Those are some great pictures Whitney.