Friday, October 15, 2010

Disney...Day 2

On our second day we got up and got going, arriving at Hollywood Studios around 10 minutes after it opened. Apparently everyone in Orlando also thought Thursday was the best day for HS, it was packed. It was also the hottest day of our trip and in my opinion HS is not the best 5 year old park. They have lots of preschool stuff which our BIG 5 year olds thought they were too big for and some fun bigger kid stuff, but mostly shows instead of rides. Our main reason for visiting this park is because of the Toy Story ride that none of us had ever been on. We got a fastpass for it, but our wait was about 6 hours.In the mean time we did get to meet some characters, have a character lunch, Amanda and I rode Tower of Terror, saw Indiana Jones show, ate ice cream, did Little Mermaid show, and visited the Star Wars shop.
Campbell, who is currently loving Indiana Jones, was so excited about this show. Amanda got picked from the audience to be an extra which made the whole thing even more fun.
When our time came we were all thrilled to use our fastpass for Toy Story, it had a 2 hour standby line. I am not one for a 2 hour line, but the ride really was great and I was thankful that we waited around for our fastpass time. For those who don't Disney or haven't in the past 10 years the fastpass is amazing!

Straight after Toy Story we hoped on the boat and headed to Epcot. We got to do Figment, Soarin, and spent lots of time in the Nemo ride and aquarium.
This might have been one of Campbell's favorite parts and made me want to take the boys to an aquarium some time soon.
The kids really held up well and we for sure pushed them to the limit by staying in the park to watch the fireworks from the outdoor restaurant in Mexico.
This night we took a taxi back to the hotel and Campbell was so excited that he had to call Pete and tell him all about the yellow taxi....funny how we could have stayed in LR and rode a cab and C would have thought that was amazing!

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