Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today was the wonderful day that we picked up our Basket a Month(BAM). It is a happy day and today was especially happy because all four of us got to take a trip to the river market to pick it up. We even got breakfast and Wilson helped me carry our empty basket from last month to exchange for an extra cheese, a great deal. Well i knew you had been waiting anxiously to find out what might be in it, particularly because it is a little late in the month- so here it is:

quart of blueberries

quart of blackberries

quart of strawberries

pound of sweet potatoes

zucchini squash

yellow squash

sugar snap peas

spring mix lettuce


multi-colored carrots

2 cups of basil

8 grain bread from boulevard bread

sushi grade rice

12 eggs

1 pound of cheese, 1/2 which is for returning the basket

We will be enjoying some yummy yums around here and as the sign at the river market says it is not to late for you to enjoy too!


Alison Chino said...

oooooooooooh....i can't wait! i don't get mine until saturday!!!

Amy James said...

I must say I am a little bit envious! That all sounds so yummy!! I also want to tell you how precious the picture of Wilson is, LOVE IT!

Amy James said...

Okay, so you really made me envious about the contents of your BAM. We thought we should wait, but then I went to Sam's to get some fruit and cheese and realized we spent $40 and didn't get near the variety and figured we should just go for it. Soooo, we did it! I missed out on the May basket by a few hours, but that is okay. Looking forward to what June has to offer.