Wednesday, May 30, 2007

whitney vs house

I have felt it coming since we returned from our little vacation. I made every attempt to push it to the back of my mind, but the thoughts finally took over today. I had to clean my house. Don't get me wrong it was not super messy, I had put away our clothes and done laundry, but it was dirty. The semi hidden kind of dirty that you really only notice when out of town guest are coming, well this is unless you are a clean person. I am not a messy person, my house is usually picked up, I don't make piles and I even sweep my floors- especially around food areas- fairly often, but I am not a good deep cleaner. I said it and I must admit there is a bit of freedom in that. But today I did it. I would love to say it was because I was motivated by something great or because I deep clean every Wednesday, but these things would be a lie. I simply was over taken by the yuckiness. And even at that I made great attempts to put it off. I had my niece spend the night-so I had to play instead of cleaning, I had craft time this morning-I have to entertain the children, I left the house- can't clean if you can't see it, then when it seemed I couldn't do anything else, I went to Target. I did actually need some cleaning supplies so I choose the method products. They are very cute and smell good and are better for the enviornment. In fact when you read the bottle they almost have you believing you could bathe in the tub and tile cleaner, which by the time I was done with my bathroom I felt like I had practically done. I know that by now you either think I am very whiny or a little crazy, both might be a little true, but mostly I just needed to vent. And maybe this will help you, cause it really wasn't that bad. I suggest a fun trip to Target for a few fun products, some new rubber gloves and a good cd.
Things I would rather do than deep clean...
1. Be outside
2. Have a pedicure
3. Sudoku
4. Take a nap
5. Read a magazine
Pretty much this list could go on and on also including things I don't really like but enjoy more than this.


Sarah said...

6. Drink a margarita.

You motivated me to scrub my bathtub. If my family knew any better they would thank you.

Jerusalem said...

You know I am so with you on all that... But buying fun products might make it a little more fun... Good thought!