Saturday, May 19, 2007

Congratulations Kurt!

We loaded up yesterday and headed up to Fayetteville. It had been to long and our friend Kurt was having a little party to celebrate graduating from Law School. So weird because it seems to me like he just decided to go back to school, but I guess that is because it was when we were leaving Fayetteville. Any how it was a very fun, yet quick visit. We got to catch up with old friends and the kids got to play hard.

They played hide and seek, and ran around, and they might have even shared with each other. It does look a little like Grant is using the bathroom on the wall, which might have happened earlier in the weekend, but he is actually counting. Don't worry Kurt and Georgia, not at your house.

This last picture is truly a miracle because I took about 25 and this is the only one where all the boys are looking in the general direction of the camera and the majority are even smiling.

Thanks Everybody for a fun visit. A big thanks to Leah for giving us a date night.

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