Friday, February 22, 2008

"W" Day

It is hard for me to believe that Wilson is just 6 months away from starting Kindergarten, but he is. In preparation his preschool class is learning a letter a day. They don't do the letters in order, very smart teachers, so they don't only know them in that order. It has been really fun because with each letter there is an activity or something that goes along with it. Wear blue on "b" day, make lemonade on "l" day.......but the part Wilson has looked most forward to is that if the letter of the day is the letter that starts your name you get to bring in a bag of things that start with "your letter."
We have been planning for weeks. Mary Polly and Ben helped Wilson make a list and yesterday it finally came, "W" Day!!!! We went to school with a toy walrus, a Webkinz, a water gun, waffles, wire, a whistle, a washcloth, wipes, and a picture of Wilson and Whitney.


Sarah said...

That is such a great idea. Way to go, Wilson! I can't believe you are SO BIG!!!!!

Erica said...

6 months until kindergarten! i cannot believe it either. and i love the "w" bag.