Thursday, April 15, 2010

Argenta Market

After much anticipation the Argenta Marget opened today!
Pete had the day off and we headed there to enjoy lunch and some shopping. It is so super cute and had some really great sandwiches and prepared salads.
They offer some great local produce and other yummies. There are also a few things that made an appearance that surprised me. Along with the local fare you can also get Doritos or Captain Crunch. Strange, but true.
We had the club sandwich, corn salad and spinach dip with kettle chips.
Did you go? What did you have?
I was scoping everyone's sandwiches and they all looked pretty good.

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Amy James said...

locally made doritos and captain crunch?! I'm so there! :) I've been wondering when it would open. I will definitely be making a trip there soon.