Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lego Party #2

This year as we planned for birthdays both of the boys decided that they wanted Lego parties. Though I maybe should have planned one big party, planning 2 parties with one theme made things easier. We did a few bigger kid things at Wilson's party and I bought Wilson's cake instead of spending the hours we did on C's, but all in all they were very similar and both super fun. Pete's birthday is this week and I'm thinking he wouldn't mind if we just kept the Lego theme going.

The boys both got Lego headlamps from the Davidsons and they are so cute. Pretty sure I am going to have to check Campbell's pockets before school because he is taking that thing with him everywhere.
On Saturday morning, as we were getting ready for the party, Pete realized that Wilson had lost a tooth. After a little investigation we decided that Wilson swallowed his tooth, that we didn't even know was loose, while sneaking a little birthday candy.
Life is NEVER dull around here.

Happy Birthday buddy.
We all love you so much!

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Anna said...

Yeah! Glad they like the headlamps. And, that you're keeping the theme going for Pete's birthday. I may have had that premonition, I'm just sayin...