Friday, January 20, 2012

beach people

 Last summer was vacation CRAZY! We were on the go most of the time and made some priceless memories. And while I totally can't pick favorites, our family trip to Gulf Shores was unforgettable. We are very lucky to both have families that go and do fun and different things, but because of that we are generally traveling with our families. This was our first "real" family trip just the four of us. And making it even more fun was that we knew several other families at the beach that week staying 5-15 minutes from us and got to enjoy family time and time with everyone.
I would not have called us beach people, I am afraid of the things that live in the ocean and have always thought sand was itchy and that I would never stop picking it off my kids, but i was wrong. I think we might be beach people. The first full day at the beach it was cold, like in the sixties and rainy. We laid around and watched movies and listened to the waves and it was wonderful, but the boys (all three of them) had the itch. They needed to put their feet in the water and so off we went and in they went. I sat on the side with my camera in a poncho and watched my boys as they became beach people.

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