Thursday, January 12, 2012

colorado-summer 2011

Remember back in October when I said what was coming next on the blog? Well I didn't think it would be three months later, but better late than never. We had such a great year in 2011 and I want to make sure and document that for our family.
In July the four of us loaded up with two of our favorite people, Bailey and Tony, and headed to Colorado to meet the Chinos on their annual camping trip.We spent around a week at an amazing spot just outside Crested Butte.
 It was a week full of family, fun, food & friends.
-looking for deer-throwing rocks-making wished on dandelions-riding bikes-senior pictures-fireworks-pie eating-Catan-snow cones-digging in the dirt-hikes-coffee shop-family photos-shovel-camp fire-smores-Dynamite-camper-washing dishes-football-Guess Who-the bus that doesn't cost any money-playgrounds-hair washing in a bucket-
I love these people and as much as I like running water and indoor plumbing there is nothing that can compare to the time we have shared in Colorado.


Taido said...

so much fun!
and indoor plumbing is over-rated.

Alison Chino said...

What a wonderful time!! Thank you for the reminder today of such fun summer memories!!

LOVE these pictures and LOVE washing camp dishes with you girl!