Friday, August 3, 2012

I heart summer #3

The year Peter and I got married we learned a card game called Nertz. Simply put it is group speed solitaire and it is highly addictive. We play with decks of playing cards, but apparently there is also a special Nertz deck.  Pete and I played Nertz nonstop with our young married friends 12 years ago and learned to love and hate each other more while playing, if you know my husband you understand this because he is highly competitive and way too good at games. Nertz was a favorite while we lived in Fayetteville and somehow lost its place after having babies and moving back to LR. It made a rare appearance during visits with these friends or family gathering, that is until this summer. Nertz has come back into our lives like an old friend and I have to say I really missed it, even though it might cause tension in my marriage...I think we'll be ok. It has been a highlight of my summer as we sit around a table with people I love and yell at Peter as he beats us all, seriously he has not been beat all summer...there is always Fall.

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