Saturday, June 9, 2007

7 weird things, 2 weeks late

So 2 or more weeks ago I was tagged by Jerusalem to list 7 weird things about myself. I didn't really know what this meant and I have been pretty in and out lately so I am finally getting to it, though I realize at this point no one cares, I will let you know anyway.

7. I am afraid of computers. Not in the way where I have bad dreams about them, but I don't know how to use them and so they scare me.

6. I don't like to go in the bathroom with my shoes on. I do like to wear them in public bathrooms.

5. I eat saltine crackers with mayonnaise. I also like hot dogs.

4. I can touch my tongue to my nose. My stupid human trick.

3. I can't wear brown and black together. It use to be a fashion no no, but now it is okay. I just can't do it.

2. I can't spell. I find this weird because I did graduate from college and you would think spelling would really be learned at some point. Also weird because I did pretty well in my fourth grade spelling bee. I also use this as justification for not being able to home school my kids. ( I would not have been able to correctly spell the words mayonnaise, lately, or justification without spellcheck)

1. I just don't think i am that weird. Probably the weirdest thing on the list.

Now I am suppose to tag some other people to do this, because of number 7 I really don't know how to do that thing where I put someones name and you can click it and go straight to them, so I will just say please make a list if you would like, I will read it.


Jerusalem said...

OMG! You are soooo I think I like the no shoes thing the best. I have never heard that one before. Ever. I want Amy and Erica to go next... Pretty please!

Erica said...

I love your list! I also love the shoes, and the saltines with mayo - never fathomed that. Of course, my mom raised me to eat miracle whip on celery. Is that kind of similiar? Maybe. Love you!