Saturday, June 23, 2007


pete's blog #2. my first one was Kenya, so obviously it was going to take something very important to get me back on here (no offense to whitney or any of you folks publishing pictures of baskets and stuff).

my movie list. categories are the hardest for me. so cut me some slack and know i have lots of different influences in this category...

10 best movies for me representing different categories and huge things that were either very original, well-done, or influential in my life... you get the idea:

Shakespeare in Love
Oceans Eleven
Reality Bites
Romeo and Juliet
Donnie Darko
Can't Hardly Wait
Empire Records
Happy Texas
Good Will Hunting
Kicking and Screaming (1995--no will farrell on this list)

movies you should have seen (so with the appropriate content warning, you should really just dump all of these on your netflix queue and thank me later... if you don't like me after the first 5 than we have different taste in movies and you should delete the rest):


The Chorus
Grand Canyon
Moonlight Mile
On a Clear Day
Sidewalks in New York
American Splendor
The United States of Leland
Donnie Darko
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Playing By Heart
Kicking and Screaming


Waiting for Guffman
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
The Pallbearer
Since You've Been Gone
Happy Texas
Thank You For Smoking
If Lucy Fell
An Ideal Husband
Playing by Heart
Music From Another Room


The Professional
Italian Job

In conclusion, movies like Casino Royale, Gladiator, Braveheart are all wonderful movies, but they just don't quite make my list because they are too mainstream, too hyped up, or just didn't hit me just right. Happy viewing! ---Pete


Jerusalem said...

Oh, Empire Records! I love that movie... Will have to add it to the Netflix Q for sure. Wish I owned a copy...

John Nelson said...

Donnie Darko? That was a freaking TWISTED movie. The fact that it makes 2 appearances on your list says a lot...

Alison Chino said...

oooooooh...i was going to put the chorus on mine, but i couldn't remember the name of it and i didn't want to write "french movie about a boys school set during ww2"

such a great list...

i love your crazy movie taste.

and i forgive you for the jab about pictures of food...ergh...

Peter & Whitney said...

pictures of food!? that was a jab at whit. i left off the stuff that might have been a jab at you.