Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy 4th

We spent the day in Hot Springs. It really is my favorite way to spend the 4th. I think it is a day to swim and be a little lazy and eat meals at times you would not normally eat them- it was a good day. The only sad part is the boys were so tired by the time we left that we missed out on fireworks, which I do love. Still lots of fun, so happy 4th, hope your day was just what you needed it to be.

PS Thanks Nate for the song, We do miss you and your love of the USA.


Nate's Nonsense said...

What says, "God Bless America" better than that flag shirt? Pretty snazzy! Why isn't there a family shot with patriotic shirts? I'm glad you enjoyed my singing. I had a blast singing the song and wouldn't have laughed if it wasn't for Sarah and Jack.

Beth said...

Hey, Whitney and Peter! It's Beth Gray. I saw your blog connected to Amy "Abbott" James'. It was good to find you and see your cute kiddos! How are you doing? Where are you guys living now?

Well, talk to you later!