Sunday, June 10, 2007

I've been Bitten

I have always loved Sarah Jessica Parker, I would put Girls Just Want to Have Fun in my list of favorite movies, which I will do soon. Plus she is married to Matthew Broderick, whom I also really enjoy. And now to add to the list of things I love about her is her new line of clothing, BITTEN. There are many strange things about the line..1. It is sold exclusively at Steve and Barry's- never heard of it? It's not because it is some high end store only in Europe, New york, LA.. it is because the only one in Arkansas, to my knowledge, is in the Hot Springs mall..2. Everything in the line is under $20, No smart comment- that is just exciting..3. It fits, it is not just made for those fortunate enough to look like SJP.
I always thought if SJP made a line it would either be in a store I couldn't afford or so weird I couldn't wear it. My only hope was H&M, that maybe like Madonna she would design some things that would be sold for an affordable price at H&M, which is a great store, but only in large cities. That is actually what this is like. Steve and Barry's is nothing I would write home about, but then there is the oasis that is Bitten. Cute tops, great T's, shoes, jewelry, bags. Enough advertising, I'm just saying check it out if you come across a Steve and Barry's or at


Jerusalem said...

Oh yes! I was bitten this weekend and came home with a bag full of SJP goodies! It is so exciting and I will be wearing the road down between here and HS from now on! I love it all. In fact I am wearing it now....

Suzy said...

those clothes are cute!

according to the web site's store locator, there's a store at The Mall at Turtle Creek in jonesboro.