Saturday, August 2, 2008

August BAM (basket of the month)

Today we got our August basket of the month and a bonus for me was that I got to go"behind the scenes." I am helping them get some pictures for use in some kind of promotion for the BAM program. This excites me more than I can explain and was a fairly simple task because the food this month is AMAZING!!!
BAM 8/02/08
baby lima beans
purple hull peas
dozen eggs
spring mix
2 bell peppers
chocolate milk
corn on the cob
small watermelon
cheese (i got colby and pepper jack)
tomatoes- i think they were the most beautiful tomatoes i have ever seen
sweet potatoes
small pepper?
heirloom grape tomatoes


Sarabeth said...

dontcha LOVE those maters?

Rachel said...

Love the Pictures, Whitney! We have dug into our basket this weekend as well. You know its Basket week when the milk is almost gone and its only Sunday!

berit said...

if you're having a hard time finding a use for those purple hulls, give me a shout...

HolstedBoyz said...

tell me more about these baskets...where do you get them from?

The Merediths said... that we live in Central Arkansas I need to get my own BOM!! Those pics make it look so scrumptious!

Peter & Whitney said...

Hey- they do deliveries to NLR, LR, Hot Springs Village and Conway!

Susan said...

Do they include recipes on how to use all these together or some combinations?
Looks delicious; beautiful pictures.
I'm interested. How much $? And where do you sign up?