Wednesday, August 6, 2008

National Night Out

Until we moved into our house 3 summers ago I had never heard of National Night Out. It is an event that encourages people to get out in the community and know their neighbors as a means for crime and drug prevention. I think around the country it is done in lots of ways, but our neighborhood has a block party. For us it has been a great way to meet the people that live around us and it is really fun- especially for the kids. Last night at our block party there was food, bingo, dancing, drawings, and a dog show. And it was all sponsored by Target-lets face it we all love Target.
Campbell's favorite part was the food. Campbell only eats a real meal every few days and when presented with junk food he consumes enough to last. I really didn't think about it while we were there, but when we got home I realized that he had eaten 2 hot dogs, a bag of chips, 3 chips with cheese dip, a large laffy taffy, a Popsicle, some ice cream, a gatorade, and a bottle of water. As I am listing this I feel like I am reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Wilson was less interested in the food, though he does love a hot dog and chips, and more into the dancing. There was a group of girls from a local dance studio preforming.

Peter's favorite part was the end, but he was a trouper (it is like 99 degrees even at 7 o'clock.)

Overall a great time for the whole family.

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berit said...

the very hungry campbellpiller...

and that's coming from the mother of the original carbloader...