Wednesday, August 6, 2008

fyi on bam

I have been asked a few questions about the basket of the month so i thought i would post and give you the info i have. When we originally signed up for the baskets they were distributing at the river market. Jody Hardin is the man in charge and he use to have a store inside called Hardin's Market. Last fall they moved out of the LR market and have been distributing the baskets around town and were a part of starting the market that is now in Argenta. I think the baskets are now distributed in LR, NLR, Conway and Hot Springs Village. The timing is a little confusing. They were once a month, usually end of the month, but this summer they have been more frequent. We have been getting a basket about every 3 weeks. You have no control of what you receive in the basket except that you have the option to sign up for vegetarian or whole farm. I found that I always wanted the extra veggies instead of the meat so I have recently switched to the veggie basket. When you sign up it is for 3 baskets and the cost is $180, so $60 per basket. I believe it is always worth the cost, but some months are better than others. Mostly I love the idea of supporting local farmers and I know these people are committed to local food and farming. The basket is always local and always includes milk, eggs, cheese, seasonal produce and a few recipes. I have been blogging about BAM for a while so go back and check it out if you are interested- it would give you a good idea of what you get during the different seasons. To sign up or get more info go to


Sarabeth said...

I like that you included that you don't pick what you get - you get what the basket has. My attitude toward that has changed over time (I'm thinking about all this because I talked to a woman about signing up this weekend and she got pretty frustrated about not being able to pick and choose - "why would I do that?"). It's more than just getting exactly what I want - it's being part of doing things differently, too. Helping local farmers, trying to make a new system that's better for everyone. It makes me figure out how to prepare food I wouldn't always choose on my own. Or, sometimes it makes me find someone who loves baby lima beans so that I can give them away! I always feel like it's worth it though. Wonderful, fresh food. From friends. Go sign up, people!

The Merediths said...

Thank you so much Whitney! I'm currently in the begging process of asking Kurt if we can get the BAMs. I'll let you know if I succeed.