Saturday, August 23, 2008

First week

With one week down I thought I would mention some highlights & favorite moments.
1. "I don't want a break from kindergarten." ( Wilson's reaction to the weekend)
2. When Wilson told Campbell we were going to his open house Campbell responded "the garden?" (kinder-garden)
3. Wilson has eaten all his lunch every day, so when he came home Friday with a full lunch box I asked what the problem was? "I sat by my girlfriend at lunch and she wouldn't get out of my face so I could eat." This is not a word we have encouraged our 5 year old to use, so I was very surprised.
4. When telling me about how much he likes the kids he sits next to he told me "J makes me laugh and I make G laugh." Shocking that they have all had to switch seats.
5. The look on Campbell's face when he sees his brother after school.
6. How tucking in a shirt and putting on a belt makes a little guy look so big. (This also makes me want to cry)
7. The way he still likes to hold my hand as we walk in the building.
8. A great teacher


HolstedBoyz said...

I love the g/f boys aren't even interested...except watch out for D.

berit said...

you had me at #6

clif, somer, vivian & bauer said...

i laughed so hard i had to share the gf comment with clif. he says, "poor wilson, get used to it dude!" ;)

jimmy said...

All grown up

Erica said...

i love the picture of wilson walking to school (i am assuming). he does look so big with his tucked in shirt and belt.