Friday, May 1, 2009

coming out of the fog

The Loibner house has been in quite a state this week. In the past 6 days we have all 4 seen a doctor, been put on multiple medications and are just beginning to resurface. The sickness all began just after the eventful birthday sleepover and ever since then I have been waiting to share these very fun pics of all the kids. The task of cropping, let alone editing, a picture seemed far to daunting..truly looking at the computer screen was enough to require a 30 minute nap. So as one of my accomplishments for the day I am putting up these pictures of all the kiddos swimming. I love that they are all stair steps (photographer's dream).

Please don't miss that Reese completely disappeared when it came to the group jump and that Simon just stays right there in the same spot, that was his spot.


Alison Chino said...

i've been waiting for these pictures! they are even better than i imagined...LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

Bob said...

These are great pictures Whitney. You always do such a good job.

Jerusalem said...

ab fab friend! so adorable. Love the one of si all alone at the end. classic.