Friday, May 8, 2009

Kris Allen

I can't deny that I am a big time American Idol fan. We started watching in season 3 and have been pretty faithful ever since. We always pick a favorite and even vote now and then, but this season we have turned into full time voters in support of Arkansas's own Kris Allen. And today we went out to support him in person on his hometown visit.

I understand that this picture looks like I am hiding in the bushes, but that was not exactly it. We parked on the north side of the river and walked over to the amphitheater, but on the way we saw the American Idol limo and ran down to the AR Queen where Kris was doing a photo shoot. Not the greatest shot, but we are really close and it was fun to see him getting out of the car with his entourage.

When we made it across the river this was our spot.

It was super fun to be a part of. Crazy to think about how this guy's life has changed and imagining what it would be like to come back to a venue where you have seen concerts and be the concert- can't imagine.

Happy Kris Allen Day!

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jimmy said...

to cool. hope he goes one more round,,,

Wonder if they got Adam under the San Diego Queen sign?