Monday, April 25, 2011


 i love easter. the opportunity to celebrate our risen God. the reminder of how much i love and appreciate our church. time with family. good food. and the silly fun of all the egg hunts.
 we headed to pete's parents after church, our norm, and prepared for a lot of easter treats and fun.
these two were so silly. they were trying to be patient while waiting for the eggs to be hidden.
 then they were off!
 we do a very "fair" hunt where we hide an equal number of eggs for each kiddo and they hunt for their color.
this is the boys checking their loot.
 we then made an attempt at family photos.
 and grabbed a pic of all the kiddos...we also had pete's cousin and her cute little guys for lunch and the hunt.
 last, but not least we dug into the desserts and sang a little happy birthday to our big eight year old.
he is risen indeed!

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Jerusalem said...

awe so cute! you actually got proof that Cole smiles!