Monday, April 18, 2011

our carnival party

 Last weekend we threw both boys a combined Carnival birthday party.
After last year I decided that I would push hard to combine their parties this year because they really like the same things and I felt like I had thrown the same party twice.
A few months ago I ran across a blog post about a carnival themed wedding and fell in love with the carnival theme...i love a theme. It seemed age appropriate and I was hopeful that we could do an outdoor party with homemade games and lots of fun carnival detail.
I got carnival tickets that the kids won for every game they played. old fashioned soda bottles with adorable striped straws. mp and i made oreo pops. craig popped corn and we had individual popcorn bags. we also had fruit skewers and hot dogs.
we were lucky with a beautiful day for the party, i think it was 80 degrees, but it was super windy. because of the wind the table was not as cute as i would have liked it to be, but i am pretty sure that didn't matter much.
 i think my two favorite things about the party were our Carnies (jr high and high schoolers who came to run the games) and the photo booth (i made it out of a large box and it was SO fun).
 it was loved by all the party goers.
 and we even got a few with our birthday boys.
 i also loved the face paint...the mp special...
 and the bounce house..
 and all the other games and goodies.
 it really was a great party and we all had so much fun.
 and even managed to grab a family pic.
 a sweet friend made all three boys these tie t-shirts and they make me smile.
happy birthday boys!

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Jerusalem said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to have a carnival party! Maybe if I show my boys these pics they will be convinced to want one too!! Love it friend!