Monday, April 4, 2011

spring break. day one.

 I feel like I am loosing at keeping up with this blog and my gut reaction is to quit, but I am going to press on in this attempt to document our family and the places we are and things we do. I am also contemplating combining my work and personal blogs (thoughts?) For today I am going to work on a little catch up.
SPRING BREAK...we headed to Nashville for a few days of fun with my parents.
 The first day we went to the Adventure Science Museum. It was so fun! A must see if you are visiting Nashville with kiddos. It had great hands on exhibits and a huge jungle jim-ish thing.
 We spent about 30 minutes playing on this water table that is explaining the way blood travels through veins.
After the museum we headed to an outlet mall and then back to our hotel. We walked to dinner at Joe's crab shack and took a carriage ride that night (pics are on my phone and i am without the cord)


clif, somer, vivian, bauer & frances said...

oh i am so glad that you liked it! i, too, especially loved the human body exhibit in the museum...bauer of course loved the slide...have mercy! ;)

sarabethjones said...

amen on the not keeping up (I mean I am not keeping up either!) - but stay with it! I love seeing your pics and reading about your fam.

my vote on combining personal and business is if it's easier, do it. I read both anyway... :)