Saturday, July 3, 2010

market days (red & blue)

This morning I got to have a grown up trip to the market. The boys and I have been making it to the NLR market, but the LR market is a little much for me to do alone with them. This morning Pete was home and I got to go to both markets with Julie and even have a little breakfast and coffee, it was fabulous.

As I emptied my overflowing basket onto the kitchen counter I was struck by how much of my food was red-ish and blue-ish. So perfect for this 4th of July weekend.
Food plays such a big part in our holiday celebration and I can't imagine the 4th without some berries and LOTS of counter might have four varieties of tomato sitting on it now.
And since I am not planning a flag fruit pizza this year I decided to make a flag with my market goodies.
Happy 4th!

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