Friday, July 16, 2010

more from the fourth

On the Fourth the boys and I headed to Hot Springs for a few days of family, friends, food and fireworks. The boys swam for countless hours with some great friends and passed out when it was time for bed.

We also took a little trip to the firework stand with Papaw and picked up a few small fireworks, the boys were beyond thrilled. The bumble bees were their favorite.
Pretty sure this picture is evidence that I am the crazy mom who makes her kids wear goggles when playing with sparklers.
The goggles didn't last.
I talked my parents into trying to spell hi with the sparklers. It did not work great, but we had fun.

My parents are super cute and I love that without being asked my dad made a heart with his sparkler and was giving my mom a little kiss.....I love those two!

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