Friday, July 2, 2010

w's special day

Two summers ago Pete and I decided that we would make a tradition of doing a special day for each of the boys every summer where it was just us and one boy and they got to have a whole day of fun and attention. It actually sounds a little sad to say that we really have to plan for this, but it is true. It is super rare to have time alone with one of our boys and that time is very special. I guess it is actually so hard that it took us two years to do it again. The boys knew the special days were coming and Wilson had been planning it all out in his head, I love that first born planner. Campbell headed off to spend the day with Mimi and Papaw and we started the day with a bike ride.
I am so crazy about this little guy. It's funny how just this little bit of time really helps me see him, who he is and the big boy he is growing into. Also makes me want to cry a little, but that's a story for another day.
After the ride we headed to Purple Cow for a cool off and yummy lunch.

After lunch we hung out for a while at Barnes and Noble and then headed to the River Market to play on the playground and walk on the bridge. Then we drove to Hot Springs for dinner at Kobe, met up with Campbell at Mimi's and took a little late night swim. 
We had an amazing day with Wilson and slept hard because Thursday we started all over with Campbell.

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