Sunday, July 18, 2010

summer sunday

We almost always have Sunday lunch at Peter's parents house, a tradition we all love. We eat and get to catch up and nap and kids play and occasionally, really pretty often because there are a lot of us, we get to celebrate birthdays. Yesterday was Cole's birthday (he is 13!!!) and so today we all got to celebrate together.
After all that fun the Chinos headed home to get ready for their first day of school tomorrow and we got to have Simon over and continue the Sunday fun.
We decided to let the boys play in the sprinklers while we watered the yard. As you can tell Simon is not sure about this plan. Despite the fact that it is 1 million degrees outside he kept telling me he was cold and maybe we should go in. That guy cracks me up!


Anna said...

So many comments for that precious top picture (all the pictures are precious!). So sad not to be there! Love: Simon's cape, Cole's expression, the stop thief game on the counter, the Arkansas tomatoes and peaches ripening on the counter, the chocolate sheet cake (in the pan) with twisty candles. Thanks for sharing and making us feel like we were there!

panamamama said...

Oh so cute! That pic of Simon has me laughing out loud!