Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pirates sure can party.

Captain Wilson

Today we had a party for Wilson's 4th birthday. Per request it was a pirate party and it really was so fun.

We had hot dogs with flags to look like ships and a pirate cake.

The kids all got bandannas and eye patches and then had to work for the rest of the costume. They swabbed the decks and walked the plank( a 2x4 in our back yard) to get their necklaces and swords.

Pete and I are all about games so we then had a hunt for treasure inside a treasure chest. They had to dig away rocks to find more loot.

And then the pinata! This is the first year Wilson has put in request for his birthday and among them was a pirate ship pinata. He had never seen one, but it sounded good.

They all loved this more than I can explain.

PS. Pinatas do not break easy, but finally the Chinos broke their way in.

The little guys made a good effort, it was definitely entertaining.

Over all a great day. Thanks to everyone who made it. We missed you Grand Jules, Davidsons, McGoodens and Greers.

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