Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wilson is 4

Things I have learned over the past four years.
1. How to love another person more than myself. I love everyone more because I can see things through his eyes.
2. Everything there is to know about Elmo, Buzz Lightyear and Diego.
3. A small glimpse at the amount Christ loves me.
4. Relearning my favorite parts of all the Disney movies.
5. That you can talk about the frequency, amount, and many other details of your child's bathroom habits at any time, when you are a mom.
6. How to laugh at a joke that is not funny. Wilson has recently started telling knock knock jokes that make no sense, they are funny.
7. That I will always eat my words when judging others children or parenting.
8. I am learning everyday what a special person I have been given and what a great responsibility.
Thank you Wilson for teaching me so much. Happy Birthday!


Jerusalem said...

All so true! Happy B-day Wilson!

John Nelson said...

Excellent list! I agree 100%...especially with #3 and #4.