Monday, April 9, 2007

To the park

I am constantly amazed at the relationship between my boys. I feel confident that Wilson could talk Campbell into almost anything. For example- yesterday we went to the park where Wilson needed to remove his shoes ( I do know it is 50 degrees, but not worth a fight) he then convinced Campbell that he needed to take off his shoes. The problem is Campbell does not like strange things touching his feet, he usually gets me to hold him and he lifts his feet, but he wanted so badly to follow Wilson. After a few steps he gave up and stood frozen until I would come get him. He was then so proud of his shoes that he continued to sit down and lift his feet in the air and show them off. The great news is they keep me laughing and so far the things Wilson talks him into are fairly harmless, how I look forward to the teenage years.

We then had the treat of Amy and Eli joining us. This fun was a little more Campbells speed. He and Eli are so cute together. They are really starting to play and it is really sweet.

Finished it off with a juice box. By this time Wilson is in a time out.


Amy James said...

I love these pictures. If you get a free moment would you mind emailing me a few park pics??

robert said...

although i do love the most recent with pictures and all...